About Me

About Connie Taxdal on Lust, Love, & Life.

I was born in Missouri and raised in Oklahoma (that makes me a stubborn mule that wants things sooner than later). Then I moved to the west coast of Florida, met my husband, had a child, and as soon as she left the nest, we built a home on 120 acres out in the country and didn’t tell her we’d moved. Unfortunately, she tracked us down.

Now, I spend my days outside on the porch writing novels. When my eyes grow tired of staring at the computer, I watch the fox squirrels, quail, deer, tortoises, wild pigs, birds, butterflies, foxes, and Florida panthers walk through the yard.

Nature is wonderful and life is grand.

Of course, I’ve always been a reader; news, travel, stock reports, books, you name it. I Love books on any subject, but romance and suspense are my favorites. I’m a member of Romance Writers of America and Tampa Area Romance Authors.

Join me in celebrating life through the written word,

Connie Taxdal

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