Unrealistic Ways to Enhance Sex

How many times have you read an article on how to enhance sex, only to stop after a few paragraphs because its suggestions were unrealistic?

• Set the mood for romance with scented candles.candle-animated
It was lovely for about five minutes, then my husband’s nose clogged up and I started coughing.

• Ditch that old T-shirt and slip into silk and lace lingerie at bedtime.
Yeah, right. Who can afford a hundred and twenty dollars for a scrap of material?

• Slather your partner with whipped cream and honey and lick it off.
Somehow the plastic I put between us and the mattress, in case we got sloppy, took away from the sexiness.

• Role-play a fantasy. Pretend he’s the bad cop and you’re the call girl.
I suggested this once to my husband.
“Do you know how a call girl acts?” he asked.
“No. Do you?”
When got through arguing, neither of us wanted to have sex.

• Stock a bedside drawer with toys to enjoy.
This idea had potential. My husband was excited the first couple of times we used a toy. After that, he decided to let it do the work.

I don’t know about you, but just give me good, old, down-and-dirty sex.

Connie H. Taxdal

What’s your experience with these methods or others you’ve tried? Please comment below.

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